B2B user manual

1        Sign up, Log in

B2B (Business to Business) system is available at http://b2b.eoltas.lv/ or http://www.eoltas.lt/ (and by clicking on the BUSINESS DIRECTORY). You can change the system language in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Registered customers who have a login name and a password to enter this information into the appropriate boxes, and can login to the system by pressing the Login button.


If a customer has more than one contract (e.g. with several branches), upon logging he is offered to choose a branch to connect. Once selected, click the Select button.

Should you forget your password, you can use the password reminder feature. You will have to input your email address, and your password will be sent to your e-mail.

Users have no access can fill out a registration form (click the Sign Up). REMARK: by filling in the registration form, information is sent to the responsible Eoltas managers who will contact you to discuss the terms of cooperation and provide login information. This is not an e-shop system, so signups are not automatically created. Those wishing to buy at Eoltas online store should go http://www.eoltas.lt/ (and click on the E-SHOP link).

2        Home page

Once you are connected to the system, you will see the following information on the home page:

·        Your manager's contact phone number

·        Your contract status (active – you can work; suspended – you have exceeded the grace period or the credit limit; depending on the manager's choice you may be allowed to add items to the cart but refuse to fulfil an order, or not allowed to do anything with the system). You will find more credit information upon clicking the Credit Information.

·        If a customer has more than one contract, he can switch to another by clicking Change. You can see the current name of the branch you are logged on at the text Branch/Contract.


·        Click My Data button, and you will see the following information:

o  Vehicle search history. You can quickly view the for car parts of the recent search.

o  Order history. You can check the status of orders, items ordered, items loaded, make a new order based on the old order, print an invoice, or import a list of parts to your system (in CSV format).

o  Order import. You can import your order to the B2B system. You need to prepare a CSV file in the following format: code; Quantity (two columns separated by a semicolon; code – Eoltas item code)

o  Credit information. Detailed information about your credit limit, deferred debt.

o  Delivery addresses. The client can check all of his delivery address and offer to change/ update the information.

·        Reminders of the items you were looking for but not received (not all the quantity was loaded or the item was not available when he was looking for it, and you clicked the button I). When parts are available in the warehouse, on the homepage the system will generate a report to you on items you were searching.

·        Special offers. Clicking on any of the ads to see all details and their promotional prices.


·        News. Click on any image of a new supplier to see the new range of products of Eoltas and to can order it.

3        Spare automotive parts search

There are several automotive part search options:

·        By the item code

·        By the original item number

·        By vehicle

·        By brand

Moreover, the user can change the search settings by clicking the menu bar Settings (read the following sections for more information).


All items you can order you can place to the main or the alternative cart (read the following sections for more information).

3.1      Search by Code

Selecting a menu item Search by Code, you can search automotive parts by a specific item number. Enter the item code (Eoltas supplier, ...) in the search field, or a snippet of the code using the * character (for example: if you are searching for a code 7558*, the search will return all items with the code starting 7558, and with any ending).


On the left side of the search results you can use filters to filter the results (e.g. select one or more necessary manufacturer or a product category). Filters automatically narrow the search results and display just the ones that match the selected criteria.

At each found item you can see the following:

·        Product name. Click on the name and you will see a window with a detailed product description.

·        Item code (Eoltas‘ and/or supplier‘s)

·        Technical information

·        Photo

·        Installation location

·        Similar products. Click on the Analogues and the pop-up window will show all similar products for your specific item.

·        Information to your customers (hide your purchase price; quantities, showing only a photo and technical information; it is possible to show your purchase price, plus your desired mark-up, read more on this in the Settings section).

·        Available stock: in the selected main warehouse (upper left number; items will be selected for you from this warehouse); available stock in the second warehouse (top right) and available stock in all Eoltas group (bottom).

·        Prices: customer's price and/or wholesale/retail prices. Customer prices are always visible, wholesale and retail prices are displayed if Eoltas manager has assigned to such rights to the customer.

Click the buttons +/- at the details and the number of items will be added/removed (as specified near the buttons; by default it is 1, but you can change it to anything you want).

Click on the part name and you will open a detailed product information window: where you can see the warehouses in which this product is available for sale, the car models it fits, original codes, technical information, photos. By clicking on the OE Numbers, you'll see original codes assigned to the component and can immediately make a search by them (you can find similar products, with the same original number)



On the bottom of the search result window there is a button Other Items. Pressing it the client can see not only the goods in Eoltas trade, but also to see other details in our database.

3.2      Search by original code

Search by original (OE) number is formed as described in Section 3.1. You only have to enter the code before choosing the menu item search according to the OE NUMBER. Display of results and filtering is as described in Section 3.1.

3.3      Search by vehicle

Selecting a menu item search by the Vehicle, you can search for automotive parts for a specific car.



Upon selecting the right model a tree of items is generated for you (buttons or text notes), a filter bar (left side of the window), and the appropriate details are displayed. If it is not clear in which branch of the tree the right item is, you can enter a snippet of the item name to the search box, and press the Search button.


On the left you can select necessary criteria to narrow the search results. You can also choose the required tree branch and only display the group details. Tree branches with details are displayed in black. Greyed branches of a tree means that no parts are available and you can only see it in the confirmation of necessary parts (click on Other Items at the bottom). Should you go deeper to the tree branches, you can also turn pressing on the name of the necessary level (see the next picture).


Result information is displayed exactly as described in section 3.1.

3.4      Search byManufacturer

Selecting a menu item Search by Manufacturer, you can you a list of parts from a specific manufacturer.


Upon selecting the manufacturer you will see all available details. You can narrow the search results by selecting a desired product group.


4        User Settings

Users can change certain search settings by selecting the menu item Settings.



Options and their meanings:

·        Currency. When you select the currency, detailed prices will be displayed in that currency.

·        Prices excl./incl. VAT. Prices will be shown with or without VAT, accordingly.

·        Demo mark-up. Type in the mark-up in the search results by clicking on the Information for Your Customers, you will see a demo window displaying your purchase price your specified mark-up.

·        Show only with a positive available stock. Marking this parameter will display only the items the stock of which is available in at least one warehouse. After removing this setting, the system will shall also the items are no longer available/temporarily not available in stock. This product will display the I in the search results instead of the available stock. When pressing this button the system will remember your preference and remember when the product will be back on sale.

·        Seeing of results. Selecting All Information will display full details of the product. Selecting Just Price and Quantity will hide a photo, the installation location and some of the technical information.

·        Get a copy of order by e-mail. When you select this option, you will receive an email about the order to your specified e-mail address.

·        Warehouse 1. This warehouse is your main warehouse from which you will be loaded and delivered your products. This warehouse can be changed only when your cart is empty.

·        Warehouse 2. In the search results, next to the main warehouse you will see the quantities from the additionally chosen warehouse.

5        Shopping carts

B2B system has two carts: the primary and the alternate. The active cart is coloured in red. You can change the cart activity pressing the round button with arrows between the cart name  .


The figure at the cart name indicates the number of items in the cart. In the search results, the item you want to buy will be placed in the cart that is active at the time. You can view the items in the cart by simply clicking its name.

If a client has more than one delivery address, before confirming the cart, you must select the desired address. If there is only one address, it is selected automatically.

If necessary, you can adjust the quantities of ordered parts, insert an additional note for a particular item (in the next step you can write a comment to the whole document). Please note the delivery time: it may be different for some items. Order fulfilment will depend on the longest delivery time.


To confirm your order, click Next Step. Choose the method of delivery in the pop-up window. If necessary, you can write a comment.



Press the Confirm Order and it will be sent to the warehouse for processing. You can check the order status in the menu item My Account -> Order History.